Monday, November 1, 2010

Silverlight is not dead and not undead either

No, it's alive and kicking.
You might have heard about the rumors that came up after the PDC conference and Bob Muglia's interview with Mary Jo Foley. Many people flooded Twitter and other sites with speculations that Silverlight is dead for the web. Microsoft's President of the Server and Tools Division Bob Muglia just clarified the situation.

"Make no mistake; we’ll continue to invest in Silverlight and enable developers to build great apps and experiences with it in the future."

You should also read the blog post from the Silverlight program manager Tim Heuer. Without a doubt he puts all his effort into the success of Silverlight. And not to forget the Microsoft Silverlight evangelist John Papa who also proves his commitment to Silverlight here.

Now let's get back to work...

The picture is an old poster from the movie Santo en el Museo de Cera with the famous Mexican lucha libre wrestler El Santo.


  1. Rene

    I've got clients who have hired me to move from their old technologies into silverlight LOB applications.

    Now you can blame Bob for not being clear enough with his statement, or maybe you can blame the nature of managers to read headlines, but the end result is people calling me and asking if I am moving their technology into a platform with waning support, now I need to defend the technology.

    Frankly Bob's "clarification" youve cited doesnt put the issue to rest. It was clear years ago that silverlight is not going to be the best technology for cross-platform development.

    Silverlight is great for what it does, but it is still maturing. I was hoping to see better memory management and a cleaner service communication in the next version, but I am wondering if MS will commit to this investment.

    Is there anywhere we can see a roadmap for silverlight 5, or at least the plans for support 12 months out?

  2. I feel with you and as you can imagine I'm in the same boat.

    Trust me, I know MS is continuing their investment in Silverlight. They haven't shared their plans for SL5 in public yet.

    Silverlight will be the right choice for rich apps in the future. HTML5 for cross platform, non-rich apps. ;)

  3. I like the "undead" was just in time for Halloween :)