Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unity 3D and Silverlight in Harmony with SLARToolkit's Augmented Reality

If you read this blog regularly, you might have noticed a lot of SLARToolkit posts recently. But I'm not the only one using the open source Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit. There's great stuff happening out there and I see quite a few projects, especially in the academic field. You can find a full list of projects (I know of) on the SLARToolkit project site at CodePlex.
I love when people use my open source work, adapt or learn from it. This is what open source is all about for me.

One project recently caught my attention in particular. Ioulian Alexeev made a very amazing action game using the Unity 3D game engine and he combined it with SLARToolkit to control the spaceship with a marker. Ioulian studies Multimedia at the Arteveldehogeschool in Belgium and the game "StarFighter" was his bachelors test.

He recorded this nice video.

Note how he compares the performance of the Flash Augmented Reality Tookit and SLARToolkit:
Performance FLARManager: Not good enough for action games
Performance SLARToolkit: Very fast and accurate marker tracking
Both toolkits use the same marker-based AR algorithms from the ARToolkit.

You can play the game here. If you want to try it yourself you need do download the SLAR and / or L marker, print them and point the camera toward these. The marker(s) should be printed non-scaled at the original size (80 x 80 mm) and centered for a small white border. As an alternative it's also possible to open a marker file on a different device and to use the device's screen as marker.
See the SLARToolkit Markers documentation for more details.

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