Friday, September 1, 2017

At the ARCore of Tango - Getting Started

Google recently released a preview of its Augmented Reality platform called ARCore which is based on the amazing R&D that went into Google Tango.

This post provides a collection of useful information I came across and links to the sources of my own ARCore demos.

Google provides a few options for ARCore development depending on what your favorite development environment is: JAVA, Unreal, Web or Unity3D.
There's even a Xamarin port of the JAVA sample available made by my fellow MVP Morten.
The Getting Started with Unity is a great How To I successfully followed.

You can find some videos of my experiments with Google ARCode on my YouTube channel, like the one in the GIF above where I combined Unity Rigid Body physics and added a MeshCollider to ARCore's detected horizontal planes and also used ARCore's ambient light estimation feature.

The source code for my Unity3D ARCore experiments is published on GitHub: ARCoreExperiments.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S8 which is fortunately one of the supported Android devices. If you don't own one of those devices you might still be lucky using this hack.

Google also hosts a nice collection of AR Experiments some of them even include source code.
One of them is Portal Painter by Jane Friedhoff. She also wrote a great blog post how it was built.

Have fun and build some cool stuff!

Below a few more GIFs from my experiments. See all in full length at my YouTube channel.

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