Friday, October 28, 2011

WriteableBitmapEx Now Available

The WriteableBitmapEx open source library has come a long way since I created the CodePlex site in December 2009. A lot of features and the support for new platforms were added in subsequent releases. The package is also available via NuGet since this year.
The new release v0.9.8.5 was just made public. A few new features were added and many small, uncritical issues were fixed (see the list below). The binaries can be downloaded from here or via the NuGet package. Please note that this package only contains the WriteableBitmapEx binaries for Silverlight and Windows Phone. All the samples can be found in the source code repository.

Feature list version
  • Added a Rotate method for arbitrary angles (RotateFree). Provided by montago.
  • Added Nokola's anti-aliased line drawing implementation.
  • Updated the Windows Phone project to WP 7.1 Mango.
  • Added an extension code file for the Windows Phone specific extensions and added SaveToMediaLibrary extensions including support for saveToCameraRoll.
  • Added an Invert method, which creates an inverted version of the input bitmap. This is useful for WP7 Theme-awareness checks using Application.Current.Resources["PhoneBackgroundBrush"].
  • Added FromContent method, which provides an easy interface to load a WriteableBitmap from the content of the app.
  • Added a static overload for the Resize method which takes the pixels array as argument.
  • Optimized the DrawLine algorithm.
  • Fixed some issues with DrawRectangle, FillRectangle, DrawEllipse, FillEllipse and DrawPolyline.
  • Fixed a bug in the bilinear Resize method that appeared when the alpha value is zero.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Community Community Community!
Thanks to the community for constantly reporting bugs, suggesting new features and contributing code. That's exactly why open source software is just awesome.