Thursday, May 9, 2019

Developing Mobile AR Applications with Azure Spatial Anchors - Content for the Microsoft Build 2019 Session

Greetings from Seattle where we had a blast delivering our breakout session at Microsoft's largest developer conference Build 2019.
The title of our talk was "Developing Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Applications with Azure Spatial Anchors".

This was my 5th time in a row speaking at Build as an external, non-Microsoft speaker. What an honor.
This time I was co-presenting with Paris Morgan from the Azure Spatial Anchors team. An even bigger honor.

The presentation covered WHY Azure Spatial Anchors are a transformational technology, what a Spatial Anchor is and why mobile AR is very much relevant even when we have advanced head-mounted devices like the HoloLens 2. I also showed lots of examples and use cases for enterprise and consumer scenarios. Then Paris explained HOW to develop these applications yourself. We also had a live demo for a spatial-persisted sticky notes AR app with native versions for Android ARCore and iOS ARKit. The code is available on GitHub and we walked attendees through the architecture and the technology under the hood. Paris also covered UX best practices including how to best place anchors and we were able to answer a couple of questions.

The slide deck can be downloaded here. It's quite large with embedded videos and I recommend to download it.
The demo source code is available here on GitHub.
You can watch the session recording here or embedded below.
There seems to have been a glitch with the recording around 21:50 minutes where the production crew had to cut out 1 minute of content. :-( I will post the MR Dev Days video once it is out which hopefully does not have such a recording/processing issue.