Friday, June 22, 2018

Content for the Unite Berlin AutoTech Summit Session - Industrial Mixed Reality

The Unite Berlin AutoTech Summit was amazing and I had a great time delivering my session at Unity's largest conference in Europe.

The title of my talk was "Industrial Mixed Reality – Lessons learned developing for Microsoft HoloLens".

The presentation covered best practices we learned while developing for the HoloLens since 2015 and my Top 10 HoloLens Developer Recommendations 2018. I also talked and demoed exciting new things to come with MR + AI showcasing near real-time object recognition running on the HoloLens and leveraging WinML for on-device Deep Learning inference. You can see a video of the demo embedded at the bottom of this post. This is a brand new demo video fitted more for an industrial and automotive context recognizing car parts and tools.

The slide deck can be downloaded here. It's quite large with embedded videos and I recommend to download it.
The WinML object recognition demo source code is here.
The session was recorded and the video is up on Unity's YouTube channel and embedded below.

Also, here's a video recording of my new WinML object recognition demo targeting industrial scenarios including an Easter egg: