Friday, November 10, 2017

Øredev är över - Content for Advanced Mixed Reality Development Talk

Just a few hours ago I finished my presentation at Øredev in Malmö. I really enjoyed the conference and the city with nice people, great vibes and very good talks. 
The title of my talk was "HoloLens 301: Advanced Mixed Reality Development and Best Practices" and it covered advanced Mixed Reality / HoloLens development topics, including a live demo, best practices and lessons we learned developing for the HoloLens since 2015. The room was full and I received positive feedback.

The slide deck can be viewed and downloaded here but the main content is in the presentation itself. The presentation was recorded and the video is here and embedded below.
The source code of the demo mentioned is here.

HoloLens 301: Advanced Mixed Reality Development and Best Practices

This was my last conference talk of 2017. See you in 2018 at another conference with new content!