Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update WriteableBitmapEx for WinRT RTM, WPF, Windows Phone and Silverlight

The RTM version of Windows 8 is now available and with that WriteableBitmapEx was updated too. WriteableBitmapEx is now available for 4 platforms: WPF, Silverlight, Silverlight for Windows Phone and Windows Store Style WinRT .NET.
You can download the binaries here or via the NuGet packageThe packages contain the WriteableBitmapEx binaries. As usual all samples and the source code can be found in the repository.

Since the last WinRT release preview version, a couple of bugs were fixed and a new FromStrean method was added which loads an image stream into a WriteableBitmap. The project was also updated for the Windows 8 RTM version. Please read this blog post for more details about the WinRT version.