Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Staying Alive! - WriteableBitmapEx 1.5 is out

After a couple of minor updates on top of version 1.0 which lead to 1.0.14, I'm happy to announce that WriteableBitmapEx 1.5 is now available.
Many contributions were integrated and lots of bugs fixed. Among those are some nice new color modifications and also long awaited DrawLine with variable thickness, pen support, better anti-aliased lines, Cohen-Sutherland line clipping, even-odd polygon filling and alpha-blended shape filling... Read the details at the end of this post or the release notes.

WriteableBitmapEx supports a variety of Windows platforms and versions: WPF, Silverlight, Windows 10 Universal App Platform (UAP), Windows 8/8.1, Windows Phone WinRT and Silverlight 7/8/8.1.

You can download the binaries here or via the NuGet package. The packages contain the WriteableBitmapEx binaries. All samples and the source code can be found in the repository.

A big thank you to all the contributors, bug reporters and users of the library who helped to shape this. You rock!

  • Added lots of contributions including DrawLine with variable thickness, penning, improved anti-aliasing and Wu's anti-aliasing algorithm
  • Added usage of CohenSutherland line clipping for DrawLineAa and DrawLine, etc.
  • Added support for alpha blended filled shapes and adapted the FillSample for WPF
  • Added FillPolygonsEvenOdd() which uses the even-odd algorithm to fill complex polygons with more than one closed outline like for the letter O
  • Added AdjustBrightness(), AdjustContrast() and AdjustGamma() methods
  • Added Gray() method which returns the gray scaled version the bitmap
  • Fixed regression issue with alpha blending for Blit for non-WinRT
  • Fixed bug in Blit Alpha code for WPF when source format is not pre-multiplied alpha
  • Fixed bug #21778 where FromStream for WPF needs to be called inside Init scope
  • Fixed issue with IndexOutOfRangeEx in DrawLine method
  • Fixed Invalidate for Silverlight BitmapContext.Dispose
  • Fixed many more reported issues
  • ...