Monday, November 19, 2018

The Sky is NOT the limit - Content for the European Space Agency ESA Keynote and Talks

The European Space Agency ESA invited me a while ago to give a keynote for the Visualisation and Science Communication track at the first ever Φ-week conference. I also was the chair for the track and made sure speakers were on time, managed questions, etc. Plus I gave another session at the VR/AR workshop and helped with the closing panel discussion that proposed advises how the ESA could leverage VR/AR in an earth observation context.

I felt really honored the ESA invited me to keynote their first event and I had a great time at the ESA ESRIN facility in beautiful Frascati which is near Rome, Italy.
The ESRIN is planning another Φ-week conference for 2019, so keep an eye out in case you want to go there as well.

My keynote "Beam me up, Scotty! Teleporting people and objects via 3D holographic livestreaming." showed how Immersive Telepresence and holographic 3D communication will play an important role for space travel and colonization. Of coursed it included our HoloBeam technology and how it is making science-fiction a reality, enabling those use cases. I also showed some AI Deep Learning research we are running for various, related scenarios and gave an outlook for future holographic projection research.
My other talk was titled "Look, holograms! A short introduction to Mixed Reality and HoloLens." and was exactly that. I also performed live demos of some of our HoloLens apps.

The ESA ESRIN also had two sketch artists on-site who created a funny, little summary of  the Visualisation and Science Communication track that I chaired and gave the keynote for.

The slide deck for my keynote and the other talk can be downloaded here. Both are quite large with embedded videos and I recommend to download it.
The keynote was live streamed and recorded. You can watch it here or embedded below (the stream starts 5 minutes into the video):