Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poll Results: Do you block Google Analytics tracking in your browser?

I recently encountered a large difference between the Google Analytics statistics of my website and the server logs. This raised the question in me how reliable the Google Analytics data really is and I asked you to take part in a small survey: Do you block Google Analytics tracking in your browser?. The poll is closed now and here are the results.

The poll got 267 votes total and 68 people voted "Yes, I block Google Analytics." 199 voted for "No, I don't block Google Analytics." This means 25.47% of the participants block Google Analytics in their browser. 

You can now use a simple formula to get the real world Google Analytics statistics (at least for my visitors - the best of all). :-)

GAreal = GAreport * 1.25468164794007490636704119850187

Big thanks to all that helped me and took part in the survey!

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