Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Unity 5.5 Holographic Remoting with HoloLens Walkthrough

Unity 5.5 and the HoloLens premiere a new feature to develop directly with a HoloLens device.
This so called Holographic Remoting will save a lot of development / deployment time. Once the connection is established, you can just press the Play button in the Unity Editor and it will run on the HoloLens device instantly.
The tooling and also Unity 5.5 is a bit unstable right now and the Remoting does not reliably work, but it is an early beta.
I’m confident this will be much better in a few weeks.
Very exciting!

I made a video showing how to set all up and how it works in action:

Unity 5.5 beta:

Holographic Remoting app for HoloLens:

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  1. Hey,I love this feature it cuts off extra over head timing in test , But I am more curious to know can we create such .exe file which can remote view to Holocene?