Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Advanced Mixed Reality Development and Best Practices - Content for the MR Dev Summit 2019 Session

Greetings from London where we are having a good time at the MR Dev Summit 2019 networking and learning with passionate Mixed Reality experts.

I also delivered a session "Advanced Mixed Reality Development and Best Practices".
The presentation covered my Top 10 of HoloLens / Mixed Reality development best practices, including Deep Learning and WHY Azure Spatial Anchors are a transformational technology and HOW to develop applications.
I also had a live demo for a spatial-persisted sticky notes AR app with native versions for Android ARCore and iOS ARKit. The code is available on GitHub and I walked attendees through the architecture and the technology under the hood.

The slide deck can be downloaded here. It's quite large with embedded videos and I recommend to download it.
The demo source code for the Azure Spatial Anchors app is available here on GitHub.

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