Monday, February 15, 2010

SLARToolkit Preannouncement

SLARToolkit has been released. Please read this blog post.

In my latest blog posts, the comments and on Twitter I hinted at on one of the projects I'm currently working on: SLARToolkit - The Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit. My aim for SLARToolkit is to make Augmented Reality with Silverlight as easy as possible, fast and open source. With this everyone will be able to make Silverlight Augmented Reality applications like that one. SLARToolkit is based on NyARToolkit which is a extented port of the famous ARToolkit. I'm almost done with the implementation and in contact with ARToolworks, which are holding the license for ARToolkit, to get a license agreement. I hope I'll be able to release SLARToolkit within the next two or three weeks at CodePlex. Please stay tuned.

Two weeks ago Julien Dollon contacted me and asked if I could help him with an Augmented Reality demo for his Silverlight 4 talk at Microsoft TechDays 2010 in Paris. Since I'm a nice guy, I've built a special SLARToolkit version for him and send it along with the source code of the SLARToolkit Silverlight projection sample. The sample uses my Matrix3DEx library to project UIElements on the markers. Actually the Matrix3DEx library has its roots there.
Julien altered the sample a bit and showed it at MS TechDays 2010 during his Silverlight 4 talk last week. The presentation was recorded and the official video is available, but you can also watch Julien's self recorded video of the session. The SLARToolkit demo starts at 39:02.

And the official screen cast:


  1. Freu mich auf das Toolkit, hätte es gerne jetzt schon für die Basta gehabt.

  2. Thats amazing, good work dude!

  3. Yet another shakey CAM video(lol).

    Great stuff! I'm really looking forward to the first version source drop.