Monday, May 17, 2010

SLARToolkit Beginner's Guide

Since I released SLARToolkit I often get similar, basic questions. This is a sign that the SLARToolkit documentation and the samples might be too complex for a beginner. That's why I wrote an easy step by step Beginner's Guide which hopefully closes the gap. The tutorial shows how to build the simplest Silverlight Augmented Reality application possible.

The guide is part of the SLARToolkit documentation at CodePlex. Please read the Beginner's Guide here and let me know your feedback so I can improve it further.


  1. Did you ever see demo on

  2. how do I show an image in place of the marker? The beginner's guide talks about displaying a text box but if I change the text box to image, it does not work.

  3. Please see the other samples in the source code repo at the project site. They show how to use images, video, etc.